Our risk control department is on a sharp lookout for any kind of fraud.

PokerMavericks also considers collusion a type of fraud. Collusion is when two or more players are playing at the same card table, chatting via an outside (non-PokerMavericks) chatbox, talking on the phone, or even sitting in the same room, each one telling the other what cards he/she has. This kind of playing greatly increases the odds for that "team" while short-changing the rest of the players around the table. We're good at detecting collusion, so please play fair and have a good time!

The privacy of your financial and account information is of course top priority to us.

Abuse of our cardroom for money laundering purposes is totally uncool. We're on the lookout for that, too.

If you have any questions, or if you suspect one or more players of breaking any of our rules, please contact our fraud control department.




The management of our online gaming system complies with high ethical and professional standards in order to provide the Account Holder with a secure service. PokerMavericks Ltd. is the company responsible for all the systems and back office operations.  Its registered office is located at Valley View Apartments, Commercial Outlet No5, ir Joseph Carbone Street, STJ 1320 St.Julians, LT - Malta.  

To enable Account Holder to play safely, PokerMavericks provides security on three levels:
  1. IT Security
  2. Legal Security
  3. Security in Financial Transactions

IT Security

PokerMavericks uses a true random number generator (TRNG) drawing numbers and cards at random. Numbers can be neither forecast nor related to one another thanks to a special and sophisticated algorithm; everything is left to chance and luck.

PokerMavericks games comply with Maltese legislation and are certified in accordance with those standards. The necessary precautions are taken not to encourage users to play big amounts of money and high payouts to players.
The PokerMavericks system is tested and is subject to regular monitoring. The software is monitored 24 hours a day, according to the Laws of Malta on the licence.

Legal Security

On 1 May 2004 Malta joined the European Union and is now subject to EU restrictive regulations. PokerMavericks has been given a regular Maltese Remote Gaming Licence. PokerMavericks operates with a regular licence issued according to the new regulations on online gaming of the Republic of Malta – L.N. 176 of 2004 Lotteries and Other Games Act, 2001 (Act. No. XXIV of 2001).  Malta is the first member country of the European Union with a regulation on online gaming, a complex and sensitive issue. This license establishes guarantees and protection to final users within the EU. Any offshore license, where online gaming companies are generally based, is no way able to offer such reputation.

We have to comply with all the legal restrictions envisaged to safeguard the Account Holder.

The licence is issued by the Malta Lotteries & Gaming Authority (LGA or Authority) only after checking the existence of some assumptions, including:
The Authority shall revoke the authorisation given should one of the above-mentioned legal assumptions not be respected.  This is the guarantee that the Account Holder is being given.  Therefore, the precise duty of PokerMavericks is to ensure compliance with procedures top-notch security and transparency while the customers play.

Financial Security

Credit Card deposits may, from time to time, be partially and/or fully declined subject to certain security systems managed in collaboration with a Payment Solution Provider and/or a Financial Institution. Such security measures may decline legitimate Credit Cards, which nevertheless, at a particular time, it is not possible to process. PokerMavericks personnel do not control the said systems, nor have they any knowledge, of the reasons for any deposits being declined.
The Registration Form is crypted by a top security system. Username and Password are entered with an algorithm to ensure privacy. When the Account Holder inserts his data, their authenticity is checked and activation is authorised by the system. After registration the Account Holder receives an e-mail containing the registration details. Should there be coincidence of names, the Account Holder is sent an e-mail by the administration verifying the information entered. Even for money deposits and withdrawals the Account Holder’s data are codified by the system in the relevant “lobby” section (cashier).

PokerMavericks may request documents to verify identity and/or authorisation to use a specific Credit Card and/or other facts provided by the Account Holder, before expediting deposits and/or withdrawals; this may cause slight delays.

Maximum privacy is provided for all banking transactions between the Account Holder’s bank and the relevant banking institute.  

PokerMavericks ensures that the Account Holder’s credit card number will never be communicated to any other parties except to the financial institutions dealing with transactions.

To maintain a high level of security and integrity in the system, the Company reserves the right to conduct a security review at any time to validate the customer’s identity, age, the registration data provided by the Account holder, to verify the Account Holder’s playing of the Games and the Account Holder’s financial transactions for potential breach of this Agreement and of applicable law. As such the Account Holder authorizes us and our agents to make any inquiries of the Account Holder and for us to use and disclose to any third party we consider necessary to validate the information the Account Holder provides to us or should provide to us in accordance with this Agreement, including but not limited to, ordering a credit report and/or otherwise verifying the information against third party databases. In addition, to facilitate these security reviews, the Account Holder agrees to provide such information or documentation as the Company, in its unfettered discretion, may request.

Money Laundering

Any activities taking place at PokerMavericks related to Money Laundering is expressly prohibited by PokerMavericks.

If we do suspect such activity, it will be investigated by our risk management department. If we determine that you have been engaging in such activity, your account will be closed immediately.

We simply ask our players not to abuse our cardroom in this way.


Privacy Policy

1.    PokerMavericks adheres to the Data Protection Act, other relevant regulations, legal notices and/or similar rules in Malta and in Europe, taking account of the Data Protection Directive (EC Directive 95/46/EC) and the Electronic Communications Privacy Directive (EC Directive/2002/58/EC).

2.    PokerMavericks takes the security and confidentiality of Account Holders’ personal data seriously and shall endeavour to ensure that such data is not disclosed at any time to any third party without the Account Holder’s prior explicit consent. To this effect, PokerMavericks will also register with the Data Protection Commissioner in Malta.

3.    PokerMavericks has adopted best practice when it comes to the principles of e-mail communication with its Clients.

4.    All the aforementioned is in place in order to assure PokerMavericks's Account Holders that at all times personal data is:

  • processed in accordance with the rights of the Account Holder concerned;

  • processed fairly and lawfully;

  • obtained only for a specific and lawful purpose;

  • adequate, relevant and not excessive to its purpose;

  • accurate and updated;

  • kept in a secure manner;

  • not kept longer than is necessary for its purpose;

  • not transferred to jurisdictions not adhering to the aforementioned Directives; and

  • is utilised for marketing purposes based on the so called opt-in principle.

5.    The only time that PokerMavericks may disclose personal data is when ordered to do so by a decision deriving from the Governing Law and/or in the event of an Account Holder being directly and/or indirectly involved in crime that involves a PokerMavericks Account.

6.    By opening an account with PokerMavericks, Account Holder consents that PokerMavericksuses his personal data for the following purposes:

  • performance of PokerMavericks’s Terms and Conditions;

  • PokerMavericks’s own internal marketing and promotion of its activities;

  • Any other process related to PokerMavericks’s main activity.

7.    All PokerMavericks employees are required to comply with the terms of this Privacy Policy. This Privacy Policy provides that employees are obliged to keep Player information strictly confidential. This obligation continues once an employee has left PokerMavericks.

8.    The Account Holder can write to PokerMavericks at any time to obtain a copy of his information and to have any inaccuracies corrected. Where appropriate, the Account Holder may have his personal information erased, rectified, amended or completed. In order to contact PokerMavericks regarding his information the Account Holder should e-mail support@pokermavericks.net.




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